Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Redge Birthday!

It's birthday again and this time around it's my one and only sister Redge who's also a blogger now. We didn't cooked anything as our whole attention was on my Mom who's well now but still recuperating from her sickness. Mom was happy that she's regaining her appetite little by little since yesterday night. I remember Mom's specialty recipes way back years when she was strong enough to cook plenty of foods for us during special occasions like birthdays.

For Redge birthday I concentrated on her domain blog who turns 3 months old last week. Time has passed so quickly since I convinced her to share her thoughts online and be like me, a workaholic blogger. Now I don't have to convince her as she's already hooked with blogging. In fact we're ready to apply her blog now.

And look what we had for a visitor, JennyL, my bestfriend and blogging mentor. The three of us excitedly laugh, chat and exchange blogging experiences as we eat snack-dinner together with my kids. We spent late afternoon drooling on one computer only visiting various sites.


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