Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rap's Investigatory Report

Bro was here, they need to create an email address for Ate Mariz for a new business venture they’ve been entering. They’re still waiting for their PLDT DSL connection up to now. When Rap (my nephew) learned that his parents were here he asked them to research an investigatory project for him as his teacher gave him a new topic instead of the usual soap-making project. Together we searched for the process used in making vegetable oil as fuel for car. We immediately found what we’re looking for and in 10 minutes time we had it ready for Rap.

I got interested in what we researched, set aside my blogging and read the making of fuel out of vegetable oil. It’s true and I’m going to write some specific details about it on my next post. I’m going to sleep now to recover from my overnight blogging yesterday.


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