Monday, September 29, 2008

God Is Our Guide

I was a bit shocked and saddened by the text message that I received last Friday that my first cousin Ka Viring passed away Thursday night. We’re not expecting news like that because my brother told us that her husband is the one who has been experiencing sickness in his body. Life is like that you’ll never really know who will pass away first. We got there (Me, Redge and Kuya) past 9pm last Saturday evening because bro had some bible study schedules during the day. It was a slightly dangerous travel because we have to pass the mountain road in going to and fro Laguna and Rizal. We’re just confident that God will guide us in our travel. We learned that our cousin didn’t tell her family of her breast cancer until such time that it’s too late to cure it. Maybe she has reasons of her own for hiding it but we and her family were so sad to learn that she knew of her sickness and never told it to anyone.

After more an hour or two we traveled back to our home and because it was already near to midnight we just took it slowly. We traveled in dark winding road with trust in God that He’ll hold us safely in His arms. It was a tricky road ahead of us with two instances in our trip that we encountered thick fog with us seeing nothing for a minute or two. Thanks God we crossed the mountainous road safely. We stayed awake the whole trip to avoid my bro from getting sleepy. We reached our home in God’s gracious guidance at 12 midnight.


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