Friday, September 19, 2008

Teenage Worries

My niece is fast growing as a tall young lady and just like her mom she’s also pretty with expressive chinky eyes. She was named after me with just another name added as today’s children were given two names to make their characters look more defined. Anyway as we were talking over the phone she mentioned that she’s getting worried that she’s entering adolescence period and might get acne. I told her that there are factors on having acne problems. Some inherits it from their parents’ genes and others from wrong hygiene.

I advised her to clear her face from dirt and if it occurs there are treatments available in the market. I just browsed Triclear acne treatment today and found no specific details of contents and composition. I tried to look for other products and luckily found some that’s proven to effective on curing acne problem. Well anyway reviews from customers might seem a good idea to know the best product for acne treatment.


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