Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nouveau University Gets New CEO

When we talk about investment we think of house and lot, small business, cars, jewelry and bank deposits. One of the best investment is real estate especially lands because it appreciates its value through the years. But if you want to invest or sell properties you must have a good knowledge of real estate industry to gain profitable income. While many people would just jump on investing to real estate business some were wise enough to seek proper education first before entering the industry. Now there’s a better way to learn this industry through Nouveau University which offers quality education on gaining knowledge and skills needed for real estate business.

Nouveau University is a unique business and real estate university that offers associate and bachelor degree programs in accounting, marketing, financing, small business management and of course their specialized real estate investing. They are unique in the way they teach new entrepreneur and small businessmen techniques and time-proven concepts to help them achieve their goals. Nouveau University offers private online education to new aspiring entrepreneurs with courses of eight weeks duration and starts every month for a much adaptable schedule for those who want to learn just as long as they have a computer and internet connection.

With these great benefits you have for an online university you’ll be glad to know that Nouveau University gets Dr. Laura Palmer Noone as their new Chief Executive Officer. With her experience as the former president of the largest private university in the world she has gained the trust of many people with her long lists of accomplishments. She’ll be a great contribution to Nouveau University to further create a big difference in people’s status in life and in enhancing the financial earning capacity of many. Nouveau University will be a better university with her as Chief Executive Officer


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