Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our God Shall Supply All Our Needs

We always held our summer camp and december camp meeting fellowship in one of the mansion in Tagaytay, the owner became our pastor's friend and we had a good christian relationship with him. Being a born-again christian in their own community Pastor Dick committed his house for our regular fellowship on holidays which is commonly on Holy Week and Christmas holidays. Pastor Ed called him up to pay for reservation fee happily looking forward to a day of sharing God's word to his Pastor friend and closing the place for our use on december.

He was surprised when Pastor Dick declined the reservation fee and apologized for letting the Belgian national rent his place on a one-year contract starting October 2008 up to 2009. Pastor Ed was dismayed and started to worry about the place that we're going to use for our fellowship. His son-in-law, a minister also in our church immediately rounded up the places in Tagaytay and nearby towns to look for a replacement. With God's providing hand He gave us a better alternative for the place that we lost to a wealthy foreigner. We will be paying our reservation fee next week on Villa Dominga Forest Resort on Halyjay, Indang Cavite. Just look at the picture here and you'll see why I called it a better alternative. When God provides it must be not just good but better isn't it?


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