Saturday, October 18, 2008

Repeat Performance

Woke up very early to accompany Ruth to their group repeat performance of The Bells, they won the competition last October 3, 2008. They championed the poem reading competition for the Literacy Month and won over 10 schools. Their piece was ‘The Bells’ by Edgar Allan Poe. It was a very happy moment for Ruth and I was a little sad that I wasn’t there to watch their performance. Now as the town of Cainta has a program who will be attended by the dignitaries including our town’s mayor Mon Ilagan they were invited to have a repeat performance to show the dignitaries and all the teachers present that they deserve being the champion.
They gathered at their home school, practiced there and traveled to Karangalan Elem School where the program will be held. The teachers were a little bit nervous because the participants seem so relaxed and not at their best performance so they go to a secluded corner of the place and warmed up. For me I know that they can do the same performance as they did when they won the title, you know kids are like that sometimes they want to give their best on the real stage with real people watching them. And true enough they did a very nice performance again, I saw Mayor Mon and some other dignitaries including the foreign visitor smiling as they watch the children rendering ‘The Bells’.

I was the one who took photos and videos of them. As they say I’m really a stage mom lol! And who would miss this chance to document your child life’s memorable moments? Of course I won’t miss the chance!

Here are some pics!


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