Sunday, October 19, 2008

It’s Not Right To Be Sick

Yesterday as I accompanied my daughter in her school activities I wasn’t prepared for the effect of the scorching heat that we caught on our way back home. I can’t leave my daughter to her teacher and the group to bring her home; I was also thinking that they will bring back to their home school which is few kilometers from the house. Since I can’t convince Ruth to go home earlier I just stayed the whole morning until lunchtime until the group finally went home.

We reached our house lunchtime and my two younger kids said that they missed me a lot when I was away with their sister. You know Saturday is a special day for them aside from Sunday because it’s our bonding moments. When I set everything up for their lunch I just stayed a little while in my PC to check on snowmobile exhaust that my brother was asking me to canvass then I sleep and rest. It was a bad rest as I felt difficulty in breathing, I just lay there trying to sleep but can’t relax due to abnormal breathing. A cousin told me that the heat stroked me badly and I tried to fight the ill feeling. I decided to stop resting and took a cold shower that normalizes my body temperature and began to breathe normally.

For two weeks I’ve been sleeping badly meaning sleeping late and waking up very early so this can be the cause for what I encountered so I promised myself that I will take some break or else I will not be able to take care of my kids and so on…. As the commercial of one multivitamin say ‘it’s not right to be sick’.


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