Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes Meme!

Grab this from Alpha! Thanks!

Sometimes I just need: to have some time just for myself.

Sometimes I want: to go to our province in Laguna.

Sometimes I like to: to do some gardening.

Sometimes all it takes: is strong faith in God, actually most of the time.

Sometimes I picture: the future with my kids all grown-up.

Sometimes I wish: all my plans will materialize.

Sometimes I find: my job rewarding, sometimes not.

Sometimes I take: criticisms on a good light.

Sometimes I look: for some improvement on our house.

Sometimes I hate: our neighbor's dog barking on midnight.

Sometimes it’s nice: to avail of discount on things you want to buy especially on Seiko watches which I'm planning to buy next month. I've seen some of it on discount watch store and I'm happy that it's now affordable.

Sometimes it hurts: when others are not honest to you.

Sometimes it makes me happy: looking at the old pictures of my kids, those pictures dating back 5 years ago when they were cute little babies and toddlers.

Sometimes it’s sad: when some of my close friends decided to work and live abroad though I'm happy that they found bigger opportunities.

Sometimes I listen: and follow advices given to me, sometimes I just listen but don't follow.

Sometimes I sleep: after midnight, blogging of course.

Sometimes I like to watch: the clouds in the sky forming different shapes.

Sometimes I feel: reflective

Sometimes I rant: about the kids' bad habits.

Sometimes I never: take a break.

Sometimes I really: need to rest.

To all my blogger friends feel free to do this meme anytime you want!


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