Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Fellowship

Second day of our fellowship and the day was full of testimonies and choir presentations from children, youth and the elders. Of course the most important of all were the exhortation from the ministers and the messages from the day's assigned speakers especially from our dear pastor.

The children were well managed by the assigned youth and they've scheduled plenty of activities for them including drawing, playing of games, moulding of clay and many others just as long as the subject is biblical. It's a way of teaching them and to keep them busy so their mommies will be able to hear God's word.

After the afternoon service we held our communion and footwashing which we do every time we have our camp fellowship. It gives a feeling of refreshed spirit especially when you personally talk to Him before accepting the unleavened bread and drinking the wine. As for the footwashing it was known to be the most humble work you will do for your brethren and it also will give you a feeling of meekness and somehow gets you more closer to your brethren.


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