Friday, January 2, 2009

Planning Ahead

Another year has passed and almost all people are busy with their plans for this new year, some are serious on their resolutions but others just want to welcome this year with a carefree disposition in life. As for me I prayed for spiritual blessings in life because those were the most important things that you cannot buy – peace, love, happiness, health and faith. I thanked God for the wonderful things He has blessed me and my family for the year that has passed and I know He’ll always be there for us come what may this year.

I’ve resigned from my job months ago and was only waiting for my replacement and the approval of my employer. I’m on my 15th year employment with the same owner, ten years on his consulting company and 5 years on my present telecommunications company. I was flattered that my boss wanted me to stay but due to my family’s immediate needs I need to resign from my job and look for small business opportunity at home where I can work and be with my family at the same time. Of course writing advertisement in my blog will help me also. I pray to God that in His given time all my plans will materialize.


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