Monday, April 6, 2009

Tax Planning

Now that it’s nearing the BIR deadline for paying and submission of withholding tax for all taxpayers I’m glad that our department has earlier finished with all the essential documents needed to submit for the company. We’re confident with all the submitted documents as our auditor completely verified and checked all tax documents before we submitted them to BIR.

Early preparation is really an advantage because it gives enough allowable time to fix any incorrect information and data. I know how to compute taxes for employees living here only but when it comes to International tax planning I’m not that familiar. I just came upon this one on the net and learned that there are companies who deal with taxpayers with various residences and countries. It’s a big help and assurance on the client’s part that their taxes will be minimized within allowable guidelines. They handle individuals and corporations needing legal, financial and management advisory, consultation is free of charge.

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