Friday, October 16, 2009

He Wants to be a Doctor!

Josh had a fun time with the legal clinic when we had hubby's affidavit of loss for SSS digitized ID notarized. As usual Josh was with me and when he entered the law office he immediately read the name of the law firm and when the two legal partners heard him reading it he asked him to read it for them again.

Josh is a well behaved boy when dealing and talking to people and he read again this time full and clear which the legal attorney followed with many questions about Josh' age, school, honors and etc. Josh answered all of the questions with smile on his face and when he's asked if would like to be an attorney he politely answered that he wants to be a doctor. Why? He told me that he would heal his granny's rheumatism and eyes. My Mom's eyes have been healed by doctor and by God's grace so Josh would only deal with Mom's rheumatism. He loves his Lola very much.


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