Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vehicle Reimbursement

When I was still working in a telecommunications company I’ve been involved with giving reimbursement expenses to employees especially the managers who were given the benefits of reimbursing money spent on representation expenses. This representation allowances is basically dedicated to expenses incurred on a business meeting or out-of town meals and some other costs incurred through meeting with prospective clients. The monthly expenses vary differently as meetings with clients are not regular and fixed.

With regards to gasoline expenses each manager were given Car Allowance to use on their personal car which is used for their official business trip. It is given in a way of transportation or vehicle reimbursement. Actually it’s not as organized as they don’t have specific rules how much or how far they will reimburse allowances to our managers.

Companies should really consult a finance specialist or companies like Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) which can help customize reimbursement programs for employees. They based the calculations on the number of actual business miles run, gasoline prices, tax and some other conditions. Since it’s harder for the client to create database for their own companies it’s easier and quick with CRS as with the use of their system companies can save a lot on their costs especially on the cost of purchasing cars for the managers.


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