Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Had a Rejuvenating Sleep

I’m so refreshed when I wake up because I had a 7-hour sound sleep and from my sleeping records I don’t have that plenty hours of sleep especially during school days. I’m also not used to taking a nap as I’ve worked for 19 years in different offices and got used to sleeping at night only. Now whenever I feel like taking a nap I would divert my attention to my due tasks and drink cold coffee or munch on sour fruits to prevent my eyes from closing. Well now that I’m feeling well and getting more quality sleep I will not be able to use the best eye cream for dark circles that my Auntie has given me. Maybe I’ll just save it for future use when I need to keep awake until dawn because of numerous assignments.

For now I’m just happy that I’m returning to normal condition and it will be a good sign for my plan of having a cleansing diet next week or the following weeks. I think that I should be in my good health condition when I start eating fruits only because I’m afraid that I can’t survived it if I’m sickly. I’m having this cleansing diet to get rid of bad toxins in my body which in turn can also reduce my big tummy. That’s hitting two birds in one stone!


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