Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Got My Connection Back

I was tired from the yesterday’s hopping from my house to my brother just to work on my tasks and submit it on time because my connection failed. I wasn’t satisfied with using prepaid so I decided to work on my brother’s house which made my niece happy because they were alone there for 3 days because big bro has a ministerial travel in the province. She told me that she would love it if I work there also today.

Anyway I arrive home late around 9pm with my kids from my brother’s house and was retiring early to bed when DH tried our internet connection. I was feeling a little frustrated with my Smart broadband because for the past two weeks it’s not working good with router and yesterday it’s down even on direct connection. Well so much for my temper as when he tried it I was glad that it did worked. I really admire his patience on everything especially on me lol!


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