Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finding Her Way Around the Mall

My niece told me that she’s going to the mall to refresh as the temperature now is high enough to cook an egg so they say. Instead of resenting the hot weather she went to the mall to buy something and let the summer heat passed by. This is the very same reason that other people frequent mall areas and shopping complex. They can enjoy air conditioned place to stay, can avail of Wifi connection and at the same time do their shopping. The Wifi connection and cool temperature makes an inviting thought to anyone who has the time to relax and enjoy the day. Wish I can do the same.

My friend is a complete opposite of my nephew as she didn’t want to be at the mall when she’s alone. Why? Because she’s finding it hard to find her way out if she can’t find an exit sign. She has a story several years back of going to a mall which was newly renovated. As the ins and outs were changed it took her almost an hour before she found the nearest exit she needs. It was a hard but somewhat funny experience for her and until now we always laugh when we remember it. Well some people also experience this and can relate to my friend’s story but most will not admit it.

It was just lucky that there are entrance and exit signs to help people find their way around complicated malls especially if the signs are readable and attractive enough for people to see. Some signs I saw in the mall are not noticeable enough to some people so it’s best to put signs that will be noticed immediately. This way no one will experience being lost among the crowd on big shopping complex and other big establishments. It will also make us shopping more convenient.


imelda April 21, 2010 at 11:56 AM  

i am hard on directions, too hehehe. i don;t rely on myself when walking through a mall.

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