Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Internet Connection Since Last Night

I’m having difficulty again with my internet provider as since last night I don’t have connection even if I’m not using the router. For few weeks now I’m having intermittent connection every time I use our router and my connection becomes stable only when I hooked my PC direct to the modem. That’s very inconvenient for us because my kids and sister can’t go online.

Anyway this morning I got worried because even I did some troubleshooting and reconnection I can’t make any connection. Since I don’t want to rent to our neighboring internet café I bought a prepaid kit from Smartbro and I was happy enough to meet my deadline and able to submit my due tasks. I’m just not comfortable with it because it’s slower than my regular broadband though they’re both Smartbro. Wish I can have my regular broadband connection again.


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