Friday, July 2, 2010

Early for the PTA Meeting This Time

I had a complete sleep last night and I feel rested and refreshed. I woke up early and cooked breakfast and packed lunch for my kids as always and the two younger kids commented on the yummy burger patties I made myself. Gen told me that we’ll have a parent-teacher meeting this afternoon and I shouldn’t be late as requested by her teacher. Good thing I don’t need an eye cream to hide my eye bags because it’s not visible today, thanks to my 8-hour sleep yesterday night.

I’m actually expecting a PTA meeting a week ago because I got used to their schedule yearly that on the first or second Friday after the opening of classes they will held an orientation meeting. I remember myself juggling between my work and my kids’ school activities back then because I was still working. I had to wait for a perfect timing to ask permission from my boss to leave the office after lunch. Sometimes he’ll agree to my request too late to get to school on time. My half-day leave will turn into an under time because I’ll be off my work at 3pm which left me only 30 minutes to travel from work to my kids’ school which is a one-hour travel.

Well this time I promised Gen that I won’t be late because I don’t have a boss to ask permission from. It’s also my first time to attend meeting in their school without dividing my time between Gen and Ruth’s class because they were in the same school before. Ruth is in high school now and we already had an orientation meeting in her school two Fridays ago. I’m more relaxed now.


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