Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hard Work for Small Pay

I’m buying from my favorite store for my spices, flour, cornstarch, cocoa, baking powder and other baking supplies when I noticed one staff that doesn’t seem to figure out how he’s going to transfer sacks of their goods from delivery truck to their warehouse. He’s doing it alone because everybody was busy on customers. Anyway he’s using one of those industrial hand wheels I’ve seen in office warehouse and it looks that it’s not enough to make his work easier.

He really needs another staff to help him. I told the guy serving us that my order can wait for 5-10 minutes since DH was not yet around. I’m glad that he got the signs and proceeded to help the other guy. I can’t stand the sight of too much labor done by one person. I was imagining things on how DH was doing his work on his warehouse in his previous job. There are many hard works rendered for just a small or minimum salary pay.


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