Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long Weekends with the Family

Last week’s holiday gave us long weekends to be with the whole family. I tried finishing my tasks but failed to do so because everyone seems to be so active in the house with the kids playing and us doing our own works. In the morning we’re all busy with computers, school assignments and tasks. It’s in the afternoon that I thought of cooking up champorado, one of their favorite foods in the house where you’ll cook rice with cocoa powder, brown sugar and vanilla or pandan leaves.

We set up our grilling stove and planned to have grilled meat or fish but I suddenly got tired and just fry dried fish for a perfect partner of the chocolate soup. I was thinking that it would be more fun if we have outdoor fireplace at the backyard so we can have some family get together when the afternoon cools down. I saw some nice gel fireplaces that’s easy to use and planned on buying one next month. We love having picnics and eating together so it would be very useful.


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