Thursday, September 16, 2010

Should be in Good Running Condition

My brother lends us his other car for our service car in going to church, malls, out of town and to some other places. Currently they’re too busy with their construction business and the pickup is starting to show a defect in battery thus starting up is so hard. DH fixed the car last weekend and we were able to use it again in going to church. In the past few weeks we’re finding it hard to get a cab when going home especially when it’s raining. Taxi drivers tend to ask additional amount aside from the meter reading even if it’s illegal to do it. We’re happy now that we don’t have to wait that long for a decent taxi driver who wouldn’t think of having contract price instead of meter reading. 

We just have to make some more fixes, tune up and change oil by the end of this month to regain the car’s good performance. Anyway it’s still cheaper than having a motorhome repairs because our car can be fixed on ordinary shops wherein vehicles as expensive as motor homes deserved a trusted repair shop. Now I’m saving some funds for the car’s general check up at the end of his month. We’re slowly readying it for our December camp meeting fellowship because that will be a long drive and vehicles should be in good running condition.


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