Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Parting with Used Textbooks

I love reading books and I remember buying second hand books in Avenida when I was in college. I can support my hobby if I buy used books so I made it a point to visit that particular street where used books were sold at very low price. I have other school friends who went with me because they were also fond of reading books. I was telling a story to my kids about my quest for my favorite books and finding them on the sidewalk of busy street in Manila. 

I’m glad that there are people who sell their old and used books because some other people can enjoy reading and collecting books at very affordable prices. What my friend like now is to sell textbooks that she didn’t want to keep anymore. She has collected a good amount of new books lately and organizing them now when she found out that she’ll be running out of space. She had to part with her textbooks or she will not be able to arrange her new books on the shelf.


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