Monday, September 13, 2010

Walking Is Good For Me

We were using my brother’s car now because it’s just parked in their house and no one’s using it. But every time we used it we parked it in their garage and we just walked from brother’s house to our own. I always accompany my hubby in parking the car there because it’s always a good walk for us after that. I really enjoyed the walk yesterday night because it brings back my healthy exercise habit of walking.

I’ve been negligent in exercising for 2 months already and I want to go back to my old routine so I can shed some excess pounds along the way. I heard about what HCG injections Austin can do to make weight loss easier but I’m still comfortable with the old conservative way of getting slimmer. I’m more at ease with having healthy diet and regular exercise as the first thing to do to be fit. I know that with discipline and determination I can go back to a slimmer and more fit physique.


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