Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lazy Mode Week

I’m always sleeping late at night until dawn this week. I had difficulty in getting my blogging mojo that it’s always taking me until evening before I’m inspired to write. I really had lazy mode on blogging and I was glad that it did return yesterday because of shower of opportunities that came my way. I feel so blessed that even if my work is not that stable as my office work way back then I still manage to earn more than what I’ve been earning in my previous work. 

I’m just thinking if those late night sleep will necessitate me to need natural acne products if ever I incur acne. I was told by my friends that late nights can cause acne or pimples to break out but as of this moment I still haven’t anything to worry. Anyway my skin is really not the type to develop such acne in the past so now I don’t have problems with it.


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