Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best Remedy to Cure Drug Addiction

I learned early in life that drug addiction can change and ruin lives. I’ve seen it happened to my cousin when I was still a student. It robbed him of good health and good life. It affects the life of the drug dependent and of his family and friends as well. He has been rehabilitated twice but he returned to his vices, I guess not all rehab centers can cure drug addiction on all patients. Some patients can’t prevent themselves from going back to their old vices. If you really want your drug-dependent family to be healed from addiction you should find a dedicated rapid detox centers who can give the longest and safest treatment to opiate addiction. 

Treatment for person who lived their lives dependent on drugs should be treated physically and psychological as well. The 8-hour detox treatment should be followed by monitoring the patient, one-on-one post procedure care for 36-48 hours and psychological assessment. Treatment should not end at the treatment but long-term follow-up should be given to patients to ensure that he will not go back to his addiction.


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