Monday, December 6, 2010

Health Insurance Membership

I was doing some reading on the policies of our health insurance when I came upon this life insurance online from Wholesale Insurance. I think it’s easier to search, compare and get insurance online but we already have one since we’re working for almost two decades. I’m doing the cancellation of my health insurance membership because we’re going to file it on Friday. Now that we’ve resigned from office employment DH and I decided to maintain one health insurance membership because one member is enough to cover the whole family.

There’s one conflict though, the management of the insurance told us that my youngest and I will not be a legal beneficiary of DH if I’m not going to cancel my membership. It’s either I continue or I cancel so DH can include me and my Josh in his insurance. It’s not normal and I think there must be some mistake in my husband’s former office application of beneficiaries. We should be automatic beneficiaries of DH because he has already submitted necessary documents to his office when our youngest was born. I just don’t know how this thing happened but I’ll submit all needed requirements just to benefit from DH insurance.


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