Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Blessing from God

Rainy season is here again and I will never forget the time that I gave birth to my eldest daughter. It was raining hard that day at the time when I was admitted in the hospital. Due to heavy rain fall all morning shift nurses was forced to stay and extend their duty hours to fill up night shift post vacated by other nurses. I already filed my maternity leave as early as one month before the birth and prepared all things needed from baby dress to milk and the money I have to pay to the hospital.

Due to some circumstances that day the doctor advised me that I must undergo caesarean operation to save the life of my baby. Deep within my heart I know that the money I prepared was not enough to pay for the said operation. DH was there together with my Mom and my brother to give me all the assistance needed including their moral support. The thing that almost stopped my heart was when we received the amount of my billing. DH was forced to seek some financial help coming from our parents and kinsman.

If we failed to get some help from my family I was ready to seek financial assistance from other institutions just like payday loans no credit check where you can get online quick and easy without fuss. No need to fax documents or submit personal information just to be approved. Just fill up some info and wait for your loan within 24 hours after approval, that easy! 

We left that hospital with a happy heart a week after the birth. We were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl whom we considered as a great blessing from God. We will never worry again about emergency cash needs as when that time comes again we believe that we can always get our needed loan from fast cash online.


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