Saturday, June 25, 2011

Investing on Gold

Seeing the kids growing up past as the years go by we really have a need to plan for their college education as the eldest will enter university in three years time. Now we’re saving some of our earnings from online writing because my new office job takes care of the bulk of our daily expenses. I’m happy that we can afford to have some savings now after the major school expenses have finished. When I browse through some news about investing I learned that analysts urge people to invest on gold as I’ve read how WSJ says Buy Gold to secure your investment returns. 

Well some would consider the advice while some would not; it will also depend on their personal opinion. But when I think of the implication of the statement of analysts it makes sense that investing on the gold coins and bullions from United States Gold Bureau can really make your capital yield a higher profitability ratio. Gold has been known to withstand depreciation values brought about by wars, inflation and calamities. It remained high in value even in the occurrence of the said causes thus investing on gold would seem a very good and feasible idea.


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