Monday, June 6, 2011

First Day in High School

It’s first day of school for my little girls who suddenly grew big now or I was just seeing them always as my little young girls. They’re in high school now and together with their cousin, my brother’s daughter Rachel it seems like I got three tall young ladies in my recent collection of their photos. I suddenly missed them being my little grade schoolers who would always want me to stay with them on their first day of school. Now they would have to be on their own on the opening of classes and will manage to cope up with all things associated with their secondary schooling. 

Since Gen is the youngest of these three girls and the freshman in their school (Ruth is sophomore and Rachel is junior) she’s the most apprehensive among them. She didn’t know anyone in her new school and she has mixed emotions of being excited and anxious. She joked about asking me to stay beside the windows of her classroom just like when she’s in primary grades lol!

Will post their pics later!


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