Friday, March 2, 2012

Watching and Playing Online

Josh was absent from school yesterday and they have no classes for today so he has plenty of time to rest from his headache and stomach sickness. Now that he’s getting well he called me up in the office to tell me that their desktop computer is not opening much to his dismay because they were only allowed to use computers when they have research assignments and on weekends. Since it’s already Friday he can use it to read online information he loves so much. He also wants to play games but when the computer won’t open he asked me if he could use my laptop.

My little boy really knows that I can’t resist him especially when he has just recovered from being sick. He pleaded that he can take care of my laptop even if his big sisters are not in the house so I gave him but he needs to call me up again when he’s setting up my laptop in the table. I’m worried that it will be too heavy for him but he managed well. Now he’s happy that he’ll be able to open his favorite bible story movies and play with his favorite games. I know that if he only knows about this Nook tablet by Barnes and Noble he’ll be asking me to buy it for him and for his sisters so they can enjoy digital books, watch TV shows, HD movies and hear music.
I myself want it so much that I’m starting to save some of my online job earnings to be able to buy it in few months. I’m sure we will all love it and it will distract my kids from borrowing my laptop. They have their own computer but sometimes they want my laptop because they can carry it anywhere in the house especially in front of television.


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