Monday, March 5, 2012

Best Fax Service for You

Even though most faxing has gone by the wayside, there are still banks, corporations and government agencies that require forms to be faxed rather than emailed or mailed. After all, faxes are more secure since they are sent directly from fax machine to fax machine over a phone line.

A paper document is inserted into one machine, a fax line is dialed, and a scanned copy of the exact document appears out of the other fax machine, no matter where it is located.

But traditional faxing isn't the only method for sending or receiving a fax. There are online options now that benefit those without a landline or fax machine at home. You could even visit a copy shop to send your fax.

To decide which fax service is best for you, answer these important questions.

Do I Have the Traditional Equipment?

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The first thing you should determine is if you have all of the equipment required to send a traditional fax. You will need a fax machine, a landline phone, and the document you want to send to the recipient. If you have all of these things available, whether at home or at work, then traditional faxing is the right service for you. Ask the recipient for his fax number, and you are ready to transfer your document over long distances.

Am I Only Sending One Fax?

If you don't have a fax machine to send a traditional fax, you haven't run out of options. If you only have one document to send, you can choose a copy shop or office supply store as your fax service. These shops have fax machines on hand, so you can quickly send your documents to where it needs to go. Make sure you bring the document and the fax number of the recipient with you when you go to the shop. Just be aware that this service is best for sending faxes only and not receiving them.

Would I Rather Conduct My Business Through Email?

A viable alternative to traditional faxing is email fax services. Online fax providers offer services, such as email fax services by Metrofax, which allow you to send or receive faxes straight from your email. Rather than needing a fax machine and landline, you just need an Internet access and an account with one of these services.

Send a digital document straight to the recipient's fax machine right from your email. This option is perfect for those who do not want to buy the equipment necessary for traditional faxing. Some online fax services even let you send your faxes from your smartphone if you want to send or receive a document while on the go.


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