Monday, September 17, 2012

Pain of Losing Your Baby

I felt so sad when I heard the news of a newborn baby being stolen from a lying-in clinic. The baby was taken from the Mom by a nurse in scrub uniform for an alleged new-born screening test. But the said nurse didn’t returned again and the CCTV confirmed that she kidnapped the baby. It would so hurting for parents especially the Mom who has just hold her baby for a short time. Even though the news has been countrywide I haven’t heard any good development and the kidnapper is still at large which means that she can still repeat the crime all over again. 

I was thinking that babies’ face are vague when they’re born so after few months or years they will not be recognizable by even their parents that it would need paternity test to identify the real identity if ever the baby would be recovered. Being a Mom myself this thought is so painful and few women could bear this kind of dilemma. It will actually drive a Mom crazy if she will not be consoled and guided. You need a lot of strength to conquer this kind of situation. For me only God can interfere with situations like this and parents victimized by this kind of problem should pray hard and seek help from Him.


Unknown September 18, 2012 at 2:00 AM  

Ah yes, I did recalled seeing something similar on a documentary program previously. It's rather appalling that baby-nappers can blatantly walked into such clinics and take off with a newborn without anyone knowing until much later.

But yet, not much is being done to ensure incident like this will never happen anymore.

It does pain someone else to hear such an accident happening and it's even worse for the mother who's baby has been kidnapped. And sometimes, the motive isn't even random. But because the kidnapper lost her own baby and she can only justify her own loss by taking someone else's child in return.

I do sincerely hope that this issue can be solved a.s.a.p and at the same time spare new mothers the pain of losing a child too :(

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