Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Drop of Happiness

Source: via Race on Pinterest

Just a drop of happiness can cause so much for our well being emotionally, physically and psychologically.  It can affect our whole being and our outlook in life.  I have experienced being sad with my work and it made me depressed in a way.  I was beginning to ask myself if it's me or they're just having so much expectations.  It also affected my health that I began thinking what God really wants for me.

I'm glad that thinking about God's love for me brought happiness to me and made me look at the positive side of life.  It also helped me decide to plan giving up my work to gain my confidence back again.  It made me realized that I should work where my efforts will be appreciated and where I will feel good about myself.
This is so true with my current state of mind and I'm happy reading it.


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