Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 Unique and clever pens designs

Even with iPads, mobile phones and computers, a pen is a necessity. Someone at some stage of the day will search for a pen. Pens are the ideal accessory to keep in satchels, bags, beside telephones, in drawers, in fact, you should have several pens stashed everywhere! Pens are far from basic items. You can choose the thickness of the ballpoint of your pen, you can get gel pens, pens that write in different coloured inks and pens that come in a variety of styles. Pens have actually become collectable items. People scour antique shops and online for unique pens to add to their collections. Pens have come a long way since the quill pens used by the Egyptians in 100 B.C.


Digital Pen

This time saving Epos digital pen has a USB drive. Everything you write with the pen is saved onto a USB drive. However, you must write on a flat surface.


Colour Picker Pen

For artists this is the ultimate pen. You can scan any colour from your surroundings and use it for drawing. For example, scan a red rose and the colour picker pen will draw red.


Evo Pen

This pen is a boost for people suffering from certain form of debilitation. Its ergonomic shape can relieve writing pain caused by carpal tunnel, RSI and arthritis.


Laser Pen

Handy to keep in your pocket for presentations, this ballpoint pen is combined with a laser pointer. This is the ideal pen to use when giving demonstrations.



To enable you to write at night without turning the light on and disturbing others, this pen comes with a built in blue LED light that illuminates the page you are writing on. You also do not have to put up with the harsh glare of overhead lights.


Novelty Pens

Novelty pens are available in just about any form. There are pens that look like cigarettes, French bread sticks, syringes, small tree branches, pieces of fruit and just any quirky thing you can think of. These make great gifts specifically for certain people.


Inka Compact Pen

This is the ultimate use anywhere pen. Manufactured from high strength aerospace grade materials, this pen can write on wet or dry surfaces and at any angle. Containing a pressurized ink cartridge, this compact pen can be used at any altitude or in any temperature. 

Cheap disposable pens can be used for everyday use. Pens can also be engraved with names or messages and given as keepsake gifts. Promotional pens can also be used to promote your business, by giving to clients and employees. You can have your company logo decorating pens and this form of promotion is something that will be a constant reminder to users of your business.You can design a promotional pen by uploading logos, choosing the ballpoint colour and choose from a variety of fonts and designs. There are many unique and clever styles to suit different occasions and different personalities.

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