Monday, May 20, 2013

Deal With Your Problems

In life we encounter challenges and problems that give us anxiety and sometimes depression.  It’s a normal situation because the reality of life borders not just on the positive things but on the negative as well.  We appreciate the good things in life because we experience bad days.  You will never learn to value the wonderful things that God has done or blessed you when you didn’t experience living without it.  Hence you will not achieve happiness by merely losing your problems so stop pointing to it as the culprit of being unhappy.  

You’ll be happy with your life if you learn to deal with the problems that make you sad.  You can also eliminate stress in your daily living if you take things slowly and try to realize that sometimes it’s only our high standards that’s giving us stress, that is if we can’t live up to it.  So if you want to achieve happiness live simply, don’t expect much and don’t run on your problem rather deal with it.  It also applies to me and I’m trying very hard.


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