Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Checklists Are Helpful For First Time Home Buyers

My husband and I are newly married, and we have finally decided that it is time for us to purchase our very first home together. My husband has an aunt that is an active real estate agent in our home town, so I am sure we are in good hands. Working with someone you know, will make the home finding process a little easier. She already knows what types of home we are looking for and she is also aware of our financial status, as well. 

We were advised by many people that we should make a check list of the things that are most important to us in a new home. We were also told that this list should be a big help to us. It was very easy to make a check list because fortunately, my husband and I are looking for the same things. I would definitely suggest making a list to anyone who wants to purchase a home. It would be very easy to immediately just make an offer on the first home that you see that appeals to you. The list will help keep you on track, and will also stop you from making any rash decisions, as well. 

When my husband's aunt got back to us with a list of bowling green homes for sale. I was so surprised at how many there were. She had even gone through it several times, to make sure that every single one of them fit the criteria we wanted. We looked at every house that was on the list and ended up choosing the only one that we fell in love with. Both my husband and I immediately liked this house, and we both knew it was the one for us. We put in our bid on the house and were lucky to have gotten it. Being a homeowner is a great feeling


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