Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kitchen Inspirations - Contrast Colors

Source: via Race on Pinterest

I love cooking, baking and preparing foods for my family depending on how much time will allow me in between writing articles and office works.  Busy as a bee as they say but still I can do so many things in the kitchen, a place where I love to stay most of the times.  As the family has pending plans for a general renovation for the house I'm gathering inspirations on my future newly renovated home.  

This is one that I saw that suddenly caught my attention because of the beautiful contrast of the walls, cupboards and cabinet with the shiny flooring. The white cabinets perfectly fit the wooden flooring and give an elegant clinical ambiance to the kitchen, something that feels like everything is clean and neat.  Well I still have to consider many things like space, budget and design scheme of the house before I decide on which kitchen idea would I pursue.


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