Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lexington Law on Repairing Credit

The issue of credit repair is one of increasing importance to all consumers. Even those with excellent credit may find themselves using such services due to problems of identity theft. In fact, individuals with excellent credit have more at risk than others. An early leader in this area is Lexington Law. As a law firm that has helped set the standards in the field, they have been directly involved in helping their clients remove over 3.3 million negative items from their credit reports. 

There are three primary credit bureaus that report on individual credit and are the basis of the Fair, Isaac and Company, or FICO, credit score. Since this score is a fundamental tool used by most companies when making a credit decision, it is an important part of one’s financial situation. It is also used today for a number of other purposes, including hiring decisions. Monitoring and seeking modifications to credit histories is the work of a firm such as Lexington. 

When incorrect items are found that negatively impact a credit score, there is a clearly defined process for dealing with them, with the goal of having these negative items amended or removed. A glance at Lexington Law reviews shows that they are quite good at achieving this goal for many people. By following the process as set out in rules and regulations, the removal of erroneous items will usually have a significant positive effect on an individual’s credit score. It is a process made simple when working with Lexington Law.


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