Friday, July 12, 2013

Pray Over at MIL’s House

I finished all my house chores today with the help of DH who has no classes every Friday. I always like doing things ahead of time and I don’t want to do all work on weekends to maximize my time with my kids. It was such a tiring day for me and it felt like I lost all the energy I have in my mind and body. I figured that it’s all because of our outdoor fellowship activities in my MIL’s house. I’m used to going to that town near the mountains but if we go as family we usually spend the night there also so it’s really tiring to go home the same day. We didn’t bring the kids as it was only midweek but we missed them and so are their grandparents.

I was happy to be able to come while I’m free from office work. I promised to help them with cooking and an elder sister also offered to help us much to our relief because we’re really in a hurry then. When the dishes piled up I had a wishful thinking that we have frigidaire fphd2491kf so it would be easier to clean and sterilize the utensils. Well for simple household like us we just do it manually and to do it fast we just joined forces and work seem so light after that. We’re thankful that we’re finished with the pray over and we have faith that MIL will recover fully soon.


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