Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flowers and Plants for the Not So Green Thumb

Having an attractive and healthy array of plants is not just for people with green thumbs. Many plants and flowers that do well in Brisbane landscaping are easy to grow and tolerate a wide variety of weather conditions, as well as the occasional period of accidental neglect. Selecting from these flowers and plants will help turn your property from one that is devoid of greenery to one that is lush with color and life.

Ground Cover

Lamb's ear (Stachys byzantina) offers a silvery gray colour and is perfect as a ground cover or a border plant for situating alongside paths and walks. It prefers full sunshine but in hot climates, will do well with a little afternoon shade. It is a perennial plant that will come back year after year and requires little in the way of maintenance.

Border Plants

Day lilies are a flowering plant that work well as a border plant also. They will naturally propagate themselves and fill into other areas, making these a frugal option for those on a budget. Dead-heading the wilted blossoms encourages more flowers to grow. Lilies come in colourful shades of yellow, orange, pink and red. Hostas are another easy to grow border plant. These leafy green beauties thrive in shady areas and produce dainty purple flowers mid-summer. Succulents also make ideal border plants. Aloe vera is a multi-purpose plant, as its leaves can be harvested and the liquid inside used to treat burns and other skin problems.


Shrubs are an essential component of Brisbane landscaping. Easy to care for varieties include azaleas, which produce lovely springtime flowers and require little care other than an annual pruning. Russian sage is easy to grow, smells heavenly and produces tall purple flowers on its woody stems. As the plant matures, it becomes shrub like. These plants spread out and grow tall, so they need some room all the way around. They are not finicky about soil type and do well in moist as well as dry conditions.


The French marigold (Tagetes patula) sports clusters of colourful flowers in shades ranging from pale yellow and orange to deep red. It will grow in any soil type and needs just occasional watering. The greenery is lush and vibrant. Another easy to grow option is the Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum X superbum). It sturdy stems make it a candidate for cutting and bringing into the home for decoration. The colourful blooms come in shades of white and yellow and are complimented by blue-green foliage. Lavender is another multi-purpose plant. In addition to its wonderful smell and beautiful flowers, its flowers can be harvested and used in sachets or in the bath for a relaxing soak.


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