Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home Decor Ideas Using Decorative Quilt Bedding

Decorative quilts are becoming a big favorite with homeowners who are looking for more creative possibilities in the décor of their master bedroom. One popular decorating idea is to pair the pattern of a decorative quilt with the curtains in the room. A long, flowing pair of curtains in a matching pattern adds visual harmony to the space. Look at some other interesting ideas that involve a decorative quilt. 

Some homeowners choose to pair their decorative quilt and bedding with the carpeting or rug in the master bedroom. For example, they may get a rug in a color that coordinates with a color in the quilt. The coordinating colors add a sense of organization and appeal to the bedroom's décor. Plus, the owners can incorporate that color elsewhere in the room. The throw pillows on the bed or a lampshade can all follow the color theme set by the bed's quilt. 

Another decorating idea that's picking up steam with homeowners is to paint the walls of their master bedroom in a color that complements their quilt. It may be a color that serves as an attractive background for the quilt or perhaps it is a lighter shade of a color within the quilt's design. Either way, the walls of the room can help to enhance the appearance of a beautiful decorative quilt. If you're looking for a quilt to brighten up to look of a master bedroom, you may want to peruse the selection of decorative quilt bedding at


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