Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Choose an Extended Stay

When you’re in the middle of a move, your home is undergoing renovation, or you’re traveling in a city for a long period of time, you might consider an extended stay in Lubbock, TX. An extended stay apartment is a cross between a studio apartment and a hotel room. There are laundry facilities and a kitchen in the building, and you can take advantage of hotel security and maid services. Plus, you may get Wi-Fi and access to swimming pools and fitness centers. In short, it’s a large, homey hotel room. 

What You Need and Want
To decide on which extended stay hotel to visit, you must first consider your wants and needs. How long do you intend to stay there? What is your price range? Do you need to rent a car when you’re staying in the city? Where would you prefer to be located? What amenities do you seek? Are swimming pools and workout centers a must? Would you like a voicemail service? How many bedrooms do you need? Are you bringing a pet with you? Make sure you make these considerations so you can narrow down your list to the appropriate hotel. 

Process of Choosing 

Now it’s time to explore your options. Go online and search through popular brands and chains of hotels. Browse their websites to see what an extended stay entails. Various hotels have different ideas of what an “extended stay” means. Some hotels will allow you to remain there for less than a week. Other hotels believe that time should be longer to qualify as an extended stay. Most chains will tell you that 2 weeks or longer equates to an  extended stay in Lubbock, TX

Remember to explore the features of the hotel and see what spaces and amenities are available to you within your price range. Take into account all expenses to know what each stay at a certain hotel would cost you. Then call or meet with hotel personnel to negotiate rates. Remember that you should get a special price if you’re doing an extended stay, particularly if you are part of a major company or a corporation. When you check out, look over the bill to see that you were charged the rate you agreed on.


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