Saturday, September 21, 2013

Creating More Space for Kids’ Room

This weekend we’re planning to get rid of old electronic appliances that we don’t want to repair because we realized we’re spending too much on the repair. If you compute all the repair expenses you’ll come up with an amount near to buying new ones so it’s not wise to do it. We’re getting rid of old things in the house to free up the old room that we used as stock area for several years. It has turned into a messy room and we found some termites so we started cleaning and removing all old furniture to renovate it for my kids’ room. 

We’ve found two machines that we want to give to someone but we’re thinking if we buy hitch pins to repair it or just give it as it is. Anyway the recipient knows something about machine repair and he also volunteered so maybe we’ll not burden ourselves to fix it. It’s hard to choose the things we will keep or give because some of them have sentimental value but we really need to let go or we’ll have no room for the growing kids. We’re starting out our program for clearing and inventory so we will not be rushed when we start the grand renovation.


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