Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cromatologie of Christian Fioretti for Colour Studies

Appointment with the suggestions of multi-coloured Cromatologie M.Cristiana Fioretti, who exhibits the creativity of the Brera Academy, applied to some of the myths of the Italian cars such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo etc.

The course which was organized by Guido Curto , opened just a few days ago and is visibly free of charge until May 19, 2014 at the Mirafiori plant in Turin Galerie and pays tribute to the beauty of the design and the harmony of our national sculpted shapes with strokes of colour. It is painted with round of the exhibition cycle " and the artist's early wonder ," born to make room for the expressiveness of the "Masters" and young trained talents in Fine Arts Academies and Institutes of Higher Education in Art specializing in Visual Arts and Design of the Italian peninsula .

Investigating the infinite possibilities inherent in membership and ideational chromatic material, the teacher of “Decoration and Chromatology “noted the academy in Milan to led the participants in his classes to prove themselves as painters and accept the challenge. The result stunned and runs through the entire palette of the colours of the rainbow, building sets and glittering abstract paintings for sale, poetry spots and imaginary fields .

The outcome of a study of the colour is a combinations between the various " colours " of cars like Fiat, AlfaRomeo  and Lancia and they are inspired by the works of a dozen students from the Italian Fioretti, and many foreigners who have carried out work to hoc, where we highlight the expressive potential of colour applied to the Visual Arts in Design, Architecture and Communication.

The picture collage is of Di Matteo (thermal halftone), in a united conscience from M. Christian in box 4, 2010 , mixed media on paper and wood, and M. Christian Fioretti , Lightness (on) , 2010 mixed media on acetate and LEC technology.


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