Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keep Winter at Bay by Installing Double Glazing Windows Northamptonshire

Winter is a cruel season. The trees are stripped bare, their twisted branches clawing at the grey sky as biting winds lower temperatures even more, swirling around us on our daily commutes and cutting us to our very cores. Three months feels like an eternity. 

We seek respite in our homes, but there are a staggering number that aren’t adequately protected from the cold, and this can make them a misery to come back to at the end of the day. The thing is, it’s not that difficult to ensure that your house retains as much of the heat generated by boilers and radiators as possible – there’s no reason that you have to wear six jumpers when you’re at home! 

Making heat-trapping improvements to your home doesn’t come without a bit of cost and a small level of inconvenience to you, however. One of the best ways of maintaining warm temperatures indoors is to utilise double glazing windows – to take you back to GCSE science for a moment, the two panes of glass with a small gap in between them prevent heat loss via the conduction and convection methods (though it does nothing for the radiation effect, unfortunately), thus keeping a room warmer for longer and saving money over a longer period of time that would otherwise have had to have been spent on heating bills. 

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit these windows yourself, unless it’s your profession – it might look like a relatively simple thing to do when you watch someone else doing it, but it’s not. That’s why, if you want to install double glazing windows Northamptonshire or the surrounding area, you should contact a company like T&K Home Improvements, which not only installs the windows for you but manufactures them to the highest safety regulations as laid out by the European Union at its factory in Wellingborough. This means that, whatever your specifications are, they can be met, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility and choice, whether you’re looking for casement, tilt and turn or sash windows. 

In addition, insulation can also be improved in the walls and in the attic, two more areas where heat commonly escapes a house for the new pastures of the outside. In fact, if walls aren’t insulated then a third of all of the energy your home produces will be lost through them, costing you a significant amount of money in energy bills every year. Meanwhile, attic insulation remains effective for going on four decades – a quarter of all the heat you produce is lost via convection through uninsulated attics, so making sure that all cavities are packed full of fibreglass (or even natural fibres like sheep’s wool) is an absolute must for any homeowner or landlord. 

It will cost you labour fees for insulating measures to be put in place, but in the long-term the savings will be significant. Why not log onto some search engines if you need further convincing (though you shouldn’t – this has been a very compelling argument)? Keep the cold, skeletal fingers of winter at bay and cut down on the amount of appalling jumpers you’ve kept – you won’t need them anymore!


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