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How to Clean a Green Pool

Green pools with look visually unappealing but there are ways to fix this problem so you can enjoy a clean sparkling pool once again. Keeping your pool clean only takes a little time each week and will save you quite a lot of money.

Manually remove debris

Using a scoop remove any large leaves, small branches or other debris that has fallen onto the surface of your pool and any debris that may have sunk to the bottom of the pool. Removing this larger debris will prevent the skimmer, pipe and filter becoming clogged.

Run the pump

Next, you must run the pump and filter for at least 24 hours. Keep an eye on the filter reading, as having to do this much work means the filter will have to be cleaned out when the pressure increases. Once the pressure gets 8-10psi above the normal reading, it’s time to clean the filter. The filter is helping to rid your pool of minute amounts of dirt and debris that have accumulated in the pool.

Check the chemical balance

A clear pool relies on the correct chemical balance. The water must first be tested. You can use a testing kit yourself at home or take a sample of your pool water to a pool shop where they will test it for you and print out the results. Always take a water sample from at least 30cm below the surface water. You will probably also need to use chlorine. Chlorine is a sanitiser and a stabiliser. Refer to your reading to ensure you put the correct amount in your pool. You will have to measure the water’s acid-alkalinity balance and make sure the correct pH level is maintained. The incorrect level can damage metal equipment, make the water cloudy and irritate the skin of swimmers.

Give the pool a brush

If slimy algae have grown on the walls of the pool, give it a brush. Brushing breaks up the slime that protects algae and therefore exposes the algae to the chemicals that will kill it.

Give your pool a shock

You will also need to add pool shock and acid or conditioner. Several bags of pool shock may need to be added over a few days. If you have trouble with algae growth, you might also need to add an algae preventative. A dose of metal remover will remove traces of metal that comes from tap water. For tips on getting rid of a green pool click here 
During long periods of non-use, the pool can be covered with a pool blanket. This will help prevent leaves falling into the pool. Restoring a green pool will take some time but once the task is complete, try not to let it get to the green stage ever again! A sparkling clean pool always looks inviting and will be a visual delight that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year. Even when it’s too cold to swim, the surrounding area of your pool area can be used for entertaining or relaxing.

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