Sunday, February 16, 2014

Correct Any Water Problems Before You Finish Your Basement

It’s easy to see why you’re suddenly so eager to make your basement much nicer.  You’ve wanted to finish your basement for what seems like forever, but for one reason or another you kept putting it off.  

Well, now you’ve finally got the time and money you need to make some significant improvements to your basement.  The economy’s been picking up and money’s not as tight as it has been for the last few years.  You’re feeling more secure in your job than you did a year or two ago, and you’re comfortable taking some time off so you can do part of the work yourself.  Everything finally seems to be in place and the reasons for all the delays seem to be at an end.  You’re raring to get going on your basement project.

So, after all the delays it’s easy to see why you’re so eager to get started.  Don’t be in a headlong rush, however.  Instead, step back a bit and think things through.  Before you get started, it’s important to ascertain whether all the obstacles to finishing your basement have truly been overcome.  

First, make sure you really do have all the money you’ll need to finish the project.  Depending on the type of plans you have, finishing your basement could cost thousands of dollars.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it – just make sure you have the money before you begin.  You don’t want to run out of money with the project only partially complete.   

Likewise, make sure you really do have the free time you’ll need to complete your part of the job.  It will probably take you more than just a few spare hours; you might need to take a week or two off work.  Will your boss be okay with that?  Have you accumulated enough vacation time?  And even if you have enough time off coming to you, are you sure you want to spend it all working on your basement?  Before you start the project, make sure you don’t want to take a vacation trip this year.

There’s another, even more important thing to consider before you start the work. Have you made sure that your basement is ready to be finished?  Are all of the foundation walls structurally sound?  Is the floor in good condition, completely free of any cracks?  Are the frames of all the basement windows intact and not partially rotted?  Do you see any signs of basement water seepage from time to time?  Specifically, do you ever see any puddles of water on your basement floor? 

Has a grayish-white efflorescence been deposited on the foundation walls or the floor?  Do you ever see moisture on the walls, or does your basement always feel damp?  If so, you probably have a seepage problem that will need to be corrected by some type of professional basement waterproofing.

If your basement has a water problem, it’s imperative that you take care of it before starting your finishing project.  Left unchecked, the water entering your basement could cause all kinds of havoc.  The damage can include anything from losing a few cartons of old documents (that could be bad if those documents are precious memorabilia or important tax records) to ruining the expensive carpeting, paneling and new furniture you’re planning on putting in your finished basement.  That’s bad enough, but the damage caused by water seeping into your basement could be even worse. 

Your home’s foundation walls could start to deteriorate.  Eventually the foundation might become structurally unsound, causing your home (not just the basement, but the whole house) to be unsafe to occupy.  When that happens, repair costs can run in the tens of thousands, and where will you and your family live while your home’s fundamental structure is being repaired? 

Water problems in the basement won’t just go away, they need to be corrected. Ignoring them could ultimately result in some very expensive repair bills.  So, instead of jumping into your basement finishing project with both feet, first make sure that no water is seeping in.  If it is, contact a professional basement waterproofing company to take care of the situation.  After you’ve had the necessary waterproofing done, by all means go forward with your basement finishing project.  You’ll enjoy your beautiful basement for many years to come, and your home will stay structurally safe, secure and dry.


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