Monday, March 3, 2008

8 Random Things About My Kids

I got tagged by JennyR and since she listed things about her two cute little angels, I thought for a change I’d list random things about my kids as well…

Julianne Ruth 'Yuyan'

1. She got my flair for cooking, she's active in the kitchen not so much in arranging clothes

2. Always cutting and pasting some art papers and different things to make a very special card (special as the design is very different from all other card designs) she likes it multi pages

3. Always wanting to sleep beside me even if she's the eldest.

4. She loves fish, stuff toys and dolls.

5. Very thoughtful she brings me drinks when I'm blogging.

6. She's a couch potato

7. Good in computer, she learns by herself

8. A giver in everything and has a good voice.

Genesis Anne 'Gengen'

1. very different from her ate in her favorite games and toys, she likes matchbox cars

2. loves to sing and always have a notepad to list her favorite song

3. always with me when i buy things, she's like my shadow

4. always kiss me endlessly when given her favorite things

5. even at age 4 she listens to every word spoken by speaker in school and social function,very attentive

6. very thrifty, good in budgeting and saving money

7. she's a charmer, everybody loves her from babies to grannies

8. shy but very friendly in church, school and community

Joshua Isaac 'Josh'

1. very possessive

2. has the capacity to cry and then laugh afterwards

3. always with me when i buy things, another shadow lol!

4. always kiss me endlessly when given his favorite things

5. loves to draw and color things sometimes even his shoes

6. loves to sing

7. asks and blogs about everything

8. he has a photographic memory

Now, I’m tagging: Yen, Lutchi, Beng and JoyD


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