Monday, March 3, 2008

Self Discipline

Have watched one reality show about contestants who auditioned to be included in a fit and right challenge, those contestants consisted of former models who gained weight, some gained weight through improper nutrition and others just want to shed off little pounds in proper places. All in all they were brought to a campo where they will have fitness programs, games and activities where their endurance and dedication will show off. I've seen how they actively pursued winning the game of pushing the big ball upwards, they all showed perseverance and dedication. I admired their dedication to really shed off unwanted pounds.

After the game was over, one team composed of a girl and a boy got the minimum time to do the game and they were declared as the winner for that competition, all others were told that they also have a prize waiting for them inside a room. They all went to that room and to their amazement a big table full of food was there waiting to be eaten. Food I remembered being there were crispy pata, fried chicken, spaghetti, steamed tilapia, french fries, ice cream, cake, fruits and many more. Thinking it was really a consolation prize for having the game played well almost all of them succumbed to their favorite foods - their favorites before they entered the camp which most were not nutritious or not suitable for their diet. Only 2 (I think) ate the right kind of food. They didn't know that they're being monitored by a camera and their fitness instructors were watching and taking notes of what they're eating and they really felt bad that their students forgot their food regimen.

After they've done with their meals, their instructors entered the room and they were reprimanded of what they've done. Their many days of dieting didn't matter now that they've eaten the equivalent calories and fats. They've forgotten their true purpose in entering the fitness camp. They lacked control and discipline which are very essential in attaining their goal and objective to be fit. In every aspect of life discipline and control are very important factors in achieving what you want in life. You can be a great and intelligent person but if you lack discipline you can never successful, if you lack control you'll never have a good planning.

The two most undisciplined contestants were evicted and sent to their home, if only they've managed to discipline and control their cravings they would have stayed in the camp. Well that's a lot of lesson to learn in a day. So what do you think guys do you have enough discipline in your system?


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